ISSZT (In Situ Saturated Zone Technology) for TCE / PCE Rapid Removal

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In Situ Saturated Zone Treatment (ISSZT) is a patented technique which converts a contaminated saturated zone to an unsaturated condition - thereby allowing these volatile compounds to be rapidly removed by air-stripping. This technique can remove the mass of free product in a few months vs. many decades of groundwater pump-and-treat.

TCE is/was an industrial metal cleaning fluid. PCE is/was used for dry cleaning of clothing. Each is heavier than water; and - unlike petroleum product contamination - continued sinking beneath the water table.

Each is also notable as being very insolvent in water and highly volatile in air. This orders-of-magnitude difference is the basis for low removal rates by pump-and-treat methods vs. high removal rates via in-situ air stripping.