This patented vacuum sewerage system handles flow inputs much greater than "conventional" vacuum systems. It can be designed to operate as stand-alone or in combination with AIRVAC or Roediger vacuum systems.

This invention was conceived to meet the demanding performance requirements of an AMTRAK design-build procurement. The installations are used to rapidly empty wastewater holding tanks on passenger trains.

It is also the subject of a preliminary feasibility study for the City of Venice Italy since it is capable of handling the wastewater flowrates generated by high density development.

The HILIFT feature is useful for source separation in commercial or industrial applications.

One specific installation for AMTRAK in Chicago lifts the wastewater to the mainline sewers attached to the roof framing steel 20 feet above the railway platform. This approach saved millions of dollars and untold disruption compared with the alternative of placing the mainline sewers beneath five feet of heavily reinforced concrete platforms.