CS-Xpress ™

This patented solution is used to reduce CSO frequency and volume. The novel technique eliminates bottlenecks by significantly increasing the hydraulic capacity (vs. its gravity-flow capacity) of the sewer - whether pipeline or tunnel - during wet weather events.

As an alternative to parallel relief sewers and/or deep tunnels, this approach is much less costly and much less disruptive for the densely-developed older cities which rely on combined sewer systems.

During dry weather and minor wet weather events the flow in the sewer moves by gravity. The apparatus components are well-known and time-tested. It is the particular combination of these components which provides a brand-new solution.

Of course, each situation is site-specific; but, up to 2X-3X the full-flow gravity capacity of a sewer should be possible. By reducing the frequency and volume of overflows, this approach may assist communities towards achievement of CSO management goals.

A prime application for this new technology would be to increase the capacity of existing (or proposed) gravity sewers which flow into a pump station. Typically this would be a low-cost enhancement which would maximize transport to the pump station and thence to the treatment facilities.

Other likely candidates are locations where proposed construction of parallel or relief sewers will be very disruptive and cost for installation and restoration very expensive; or, it can be used as an alternative to offline storage. It may also be useful in tandem with some "green" alternatives and RTC approaches.

The Oak Hill Company provides an evaluation of the technical feasibility of the CS-Xpress ™ solution at no cost or obligation. The system owner or its consultant(s) should simply contact us to get started.